Friday, October 28, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Skyline 2

My latest 4 pieces. They will be part of the exhibition Expression of Joy. More information about the show later.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Martin County Quilters: Lecture and Workshop

What a wonderful time and experience I had once more teaching my workshops. This time I was up North in Florida, in Jensen Beach, to be more precise. I taught 2 workshops and gave one lecture to the Martin County Quilters. I simply had the best time, enthusiastic students and the Holiday In was a great 'host'. Thank you all up there once more.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lauderhill Art Center

My new studio at the LAC (Lauderhill Art Center) has a freshly painted floor now. Just a few more fixes, some more beautifying and I am ready to go, meaning move in. Oh I forgot my new studio 'furniture'. My husband will build me my furniture, am I lucky or what? A new studio and custom made art furniture?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Solo Exhibition: Anne Kolb

A large body of my art work can be seen until October 30 at the Anne Kolb Nature Center in Hollywood FL.

Water Pieces


Most of my artwork is inspired by nature, the vastly different landscapes I encounter while traveling, the seasons and the feelings they invoke in me. I then weave social and political issues and personal thoughts into my general idea, which creates the foundation for a new piece.

You are looking at a large body of my work, dealing with water related issues around our globe. It is my strong believe, that one of the next big wars will not be about land or oil but about water, or the lack of it.

Living in southern Florida exposes me to more than just lush, rich tropical life and beautiful waters but also brushfires, floods, droughts, spills and pollution. One of my main concerns right now is the future of the Everglades. They are an ecosystem in peril. Since the 1950’s a vast system of canals and levees have interrupted the natural flow of the water through the Everglades, sending the fresh water into the sea while drying out the Everglades’ wetlands. In addition pollution from farming and South Florida’s urban sprawl made the situation worse. And to make the situation even more difficult, Central and South Florida grew much faster than anticipated, using huge amounts of water. Conserving water is very unpopular and very few people seem to understand its importance for the Everglades. Restoring and saving them leads to constant fights and is a continuous struggle. It is heartbreaking and makes me furious at times to observe how piece by piece the Everglades are dying and the steps to safe them are so minimal.

Besides pointing my fingers to the previously stated issues, I also want my work to impress on the viewer, how grand and magnificent our water world and nature is. The tremendous joy and inspiration we can draw from our surroundings is for me as an artists, a wonderful daily experience and something I do not take for granted.