Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angler Fish

I think it is time to show another piece of my husbands pastel paintings. We are both working on 'water related' subjects. While I am still dealing with my brain-, elk- and stag-horn corals, he is working on his angler fish. Actually he is off to the next piece already 'sea grass'.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Benefit

St. Lawrence Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale proudly presents the watercolor exhibition of the 'White Peacock Artists of Flamingo Gardens'.
This is a wonderful group of water color artists, lead and supported by their great teacher Barbara DIx . They enjoy painting in the calm and beautiful surroundings of Flamingo Gardens.

If you have a chance go and visit the gallery, come to the opening, they are a great group of artists to be around, and their work is just beautiful.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lark Books: '500 Art Quilts'

'Hindsight' and 'Yangtze 1' were both accepted in the upcoming publication '500 Art Quilts'. Lark Books received over 2000 applications, the juror was Karey Patterson Bresenhan. The book will arrive in book stores in spring 2010.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nyoko won the dog lottery

I have a new studio companion, his name is Nyoko (japanes : gem). After having been without our Wanda, she passed away 1.5 years ago, Nyoko came into our lives. He was rescued by the 'golden retriever rescue' , yes they also take in flat coated retrievers. We do not know much about his past, except that he has been mistreated badly.He also had heart-worm a difficult disease to treat. But he pulled through with the help of his most wonderful foster family. They helped him forget his past, at least part of it.
Nyoko is like Wanda's brother, just bigger! He is the most wonderful dog, I think every dog owner claims the same of his or her dog. But he truly is. He has cute 'freckles' and almost yellow eyes, is as gentle as you can imagine, and just loves to be in the studio with me. We are as happy as we can be!
My new big piece will be finished in his presence.

Opening Night in Lugano

I wish I could have been there.... my friend Silvie opened her first solo show October 9 in Lugano Switzerland. The 'house' was packed, the buffet absolutely wonderful.... her work very special. Everybody just LOVEd her textile pieces, many who were not familiar with Silvie's work were in for a great treat. My favorites clearly are the pieces with her own metal frames or structures. Have a look yourself

Monday, October 12, 2009

Textile Exhibition in Lugano

My friend and fellow artist Silvie Umiker has opened her first solo show in Lugano last Thursday evening. I cannot wait to see the pictures..... if you have a chance go and visit it.

“La ricerca delle armonie fra colori e materiali sembra riuscire

con disinvoltura a Silvie Umiker, lasciando dimenticare all’osservatore

la minuziosa costruzione delle sue opere che infatti hanno, a prima

vista, un vero effetto pittorico. Ogni opera però è un meticoloso

ricamo di idee e di forme. Sono pagine pittoriche da sfogliare con

l’attenzione delle scoperte. I colori hanno un’inconsueta morbidezza,

i materiali la assecondano. Nella frenetica corsa alle ricerche

dell’originalità, così dominanti, Silvie Umiker al contrario sembra

seguire l’andatura delle melodie più rasserenanti. Senza stridori,

neanche nei contrasti. Se il suo intento è quello di “chiudere i cerchi”

fra creatore e osservatore, ci riesce con grazia originale.”

Salvatore Maria Fares


October 9 - November 2 2009
Banca Intermobiliare Suisse S.S. - contrada di sassello, 10 - angolo via motta Lugano

Monday, October 5, 2009

Upcoming classes

Ocean Waves Miami

Saturday October 10, Just Therapy, no cold water, 3 hours
Sunday October 11, Landscape 1, 6 hours
for more information please contact Barbara