Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'Global Visions' Exhibition

Blowing Rocks Preserve Exhibition opens January 30

Almost all of my new fiber pieces will be at the 'Blowing Rocks' exhibition, as well as my Mermaids Beach Glass jewelry and my new copper wire art..

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Materials: Hard & Soft

Exhibition: My piece 'Anemone II' is going to 

Materials: Hard & Soft
Opening January 30, 2009

Fore more information go to

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Parting with my Art

I guess the most frequently asked for me is 'how long does it take you to do a piece' followed by isn't it very hard to part with your art work. The first question I usually dodge because I am very tempted to say 'what difference does it make'. Of course I could give some estimated time but would that answer include all my thoughts of the project before I even start? And there are plenty more of this type of considerations giving an estimated time. So therefor I usually avoid that questions with that explanation.
Now the 'parting' is a very different one. I can only speak for myself of course but I would not be surprised if many more out there think the same way. Yes there are a few pieces that I do not want to part, and those I keep or at least I try to. But for most of my pieces the truth is once I am finished with them and I had them around me for a short period of time, I can easily say goodbye. I feel that the message is out there, my thinking process is finished and off I go to a next idea and project. Does the space or owner  influence my parting pain? Not anymore. I remember in the beginning of my career, I did not sell a piece if I did not feel the piece had a good home. Let's see what is the definition of a good home. For fiber art a good home is for sure to expose the piece to as little light as possible. Should I mention that I live in South Florida and have a very bright house filled with LIGHT! So my own house is actually a big 'no no' for fiber art. Of course my house is filled with y art work. Yes the pieces are protected, yes I do whatever is necessary but still..... once in a while one of my pieces fades. I still remember the day when I pulled one of my very well protected pieces out of its storage and I had to realize that even in storage it faded. That was a breaking point. I still do whatever I can to protect my art work but I decided that it is much better to enjoy a piece at least for a certain amount of time then having them well preserved hidden away. That also made parting for me easier. I no longer worry about the pieces future. One of my bigger pieces is in a public space under a glass roof. The glass is UV protected there are shades but there is no doubt that the piece is 'suffering'. The bright colors have faded, it still looks good but different. But due to its public exposure the piece gives pleasure to many viewers and all the compliments I received made the graceful aging of the art piece worth while. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jewelry piece of the month

Since it is December I decided on Christmas color piece of jewelry. Both bracelets are made out copper wire and are crocheted.