Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We are back from a most wonderful place. Taking a break from the Miami heat and sun we flew to Anchorage, picked up our car and started exploring. We were greeted by cool temperature and big time humidity called rain. That did not damper our joy (we have that sun at home all the time), actually I felt more energetic in the cooler climate. The more we drove inland the better the weather became and once we were in Denali, an absolutely gorgeous National Park, we had sun. As 'promised' by the parks information paper, the animals were there: we stopped counting grizzly bears after #13. Moose, foxes, golden and bold eagles and of course the mosquitos were all there parading for us. Even though the mosquitos were plentiful I did not get one bite, which makes me say that not only are the Alaskan very friendly but so are their mosquitos. I am very sorry to say I cannot claim that for our own mosquitos.
Hiking up the exit glacier towards the Harding Ice field we had our own personal close black bear encounter. Thank God he also behaved like all the rangers said they would or should, and the bear cleared the way once he saw my husband coming around the corner.In Seward we went aboard the Statendam to cruise South. More highlights were all the seals, birds and whales. Oh and all the glaciers, their 'moving' sound when they make their way into the ocean. Come back for a slide show. Once I have my pics sorted out I will post them.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chocolate Art

Hand made chocolate ... no not from Switzerland but from Mexico. And I love the box they came in. Tin with mexican tile..... I am indulging them while working on 'Flower Power 2'. Or should I have started a piece 'the gulf after bp'!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Renaming Art Work

I have decided to rename my piece 'Unterwasser'. I think it should be called ''the gulf before bp'. The pictures I have used in my piece have been taken in the south Florida area, and in the Florida Keys. So far this part of the world is still all right. But it is just more than heartbreaking to watch the damage the oil is doing to the gulf and the surrounding area.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'Lady Gaga'

Going 'Gaga' instead of stitching and painting!!!! I am STILL working on my new web site. And I am learning once more the hard way ' there is no such things as 'do quickly on the computer'. Furthermore it is much more involved then they make us believe when we buy this fancy programs. Still, hopefully one of these weeks I will have a new web site and will have forgotten all the headaches! I will keep you posted! Off I go painting and stitching, the web site has to wait.